Why Costa Rica

There are many reasons why Costa Rica is one of the most sought after venues for weddings. Costa Rica is know to be one of the best tropical wedding destinations and can cater for small groups of people up to a large wedding party with comfort. The name Costa Rica literally means a “rich coast” and it is evident when the scenic beauty of the Caribbean Sean and Pacific Ocean is taken into account. Located in Central America, Panama is located on the northern boarder while Nicaragua is on the south with the ocean serves as the remaining boarders with breathtaking scenery. Simply exactly what one would require for a true tropical wedding.

Reasons Why Costa Rica is the Ideal Wedding Destination:


Having a breathtaking scene with an intimate ceremony with just the bride and groom, or an intimate wedding with just a few friends or a large group of guests, a tropical wedding in a beautiful destination such as Costa Rica is nothing less than simply romantic.


The cost of an average wedding ceremony and wedding party can range between $30 000 and $50 000. A wedding in Costa Rica is likely to be much less simply because there are reduced venue and reception cost and the possibility to drop costly traditional expenses.

Little Stress

Because you opt for a destination wedding, most of the stiff formalities are skipped and the entire wedding takes on a more relaxed approach. Making use of a Costa Rica wedding planning service will help to shed all of the stress and leave you with only excitement.


The choices of what, how, and what form you want your wedding must take on are endless. The natural beauty of Costa Rica provide you with the option to have a scenic wedding at venues ranging from a normal villa venue, tropical rain forest, tropical garden, at sea on a yacht, and the most popular of all, a beach wedding. It can not be disputed that having your wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica will afford you with the most memorable event regardless of what form it may take on.

Appreciate The Moment

A destination wedding to Costa Rica will allow you to spend more time paying attention to the details you want to remember of your special day instead of arranging and managing all the details. With a professional and highly proficient wedding planner on your side, you can spend all the available time enjoying the ceremony and wedding party, and mingling with your guests without the need to worry about formalities and the right thing that needs to happen on the right time.

Apart from the splendor and beauty weddings in Costa Rica are know to be the most affordable tropical wedding destinations. Although the official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, English is widely spoken and the possibility of having any language difficulty is simply not possible. In addition to the fact that both civil and religious marriages are supported, it is a reassuring fact that freedom of religion and worship is honored. Therefore, regardless of your particular faith, you are welcome to have a religious wedding in Costa Rica without any trouble at all. The dominant faith is Christianity but an increase in Protestantism is observed. The majority of inhabitants are Roman Catholics.

Situated close to the equator it is understandable that the weather conditions are equally favorable for an outside wedding. The typical annual temperature range on average between 22 up to 27 degrees Celsius. The hottest time of the year is between March and May while November to January is the coolest months of the year. The best time to get married in Costa Rica is between December and April, and September to October. During these months little or no rain occurs while during May up to November is known as the rainy or green season where rainfall is about 100 inches per year.

Getting married in Costa Rica is not at all difficult. There are some legal requirements and the best practice would be to appoint a Costa Rica Lawyer to assist you with all the formalities and to make sure you meet all the requirements before your wedding ceremony. These pre wedding ceremony proceedings can be time consuming and with a professional lawyer from Costa Rica you will get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while they take care of the red tape to ensure your Costa Rica wedding is memorable for all the good reasons and most importantly legal.