Having your wedding in Costa Rica can be nothing less than an idyllic experience. With the help of Costa Rica Marriage you will experience simply just that. We will be able to assist you with all the arrangements regardless if you are living on the other side of the world. Please do take a trip around our website to see how we can make your dream destination wedding in Costa Rica a reality.

Why Costa Rica

If you need to be certain why Costa Rica is the best destination for your tropical wedding, you will find extensive information here. There are ample reasons why Costa Rica is a very popular and sought after destination for wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Regardless of the size of your wedding party, may it be just the two of you or the whole extended family – there are ample venues to choose from in Costa Rica that will cater for your needs. Let us have a closer look why Costa Rica is the best destination for your dream wedding.

Why You Should Choose Costa Rica as Your Wedding Venue

The fact that Costa Rica is already a very popular tourist destination for people from all over the world should start to give you a clear indication already why you should choose Costa Rica as your wedding venue. The two oceans bordering the country provide a huge coastline from which you can choose your ideal spot. From the climate, scenic beauty of the area, affordability and the ease of the legislation Costa Rica remains one of the best locations to have an idyllic wedding. There are many reasons why Costa Rica, also known as the “rich coast” is one of the best suited destinations for having a tropical beach wedding. All relevant and important information is covered in this section of Costa Rica Marriage and it will provide you with all the logistical information you need to make a properly informed decision on why Costa Rica is second to none when it comes to your dream destination wedding.

Beach Wedding

Many brides to be dream of a beach wedding, but having the perfect tropical beach to match the dream is hard to find. Because Costa Rica is known for the scenic coastal boarders, astounding beaches, wonderful beach hotels, villas, and resorts there is no reason why having a beach wedding needs to stay only a dream. Allow Costa Rica Marriage to help you make that dream of having a beach wedding to become a reality. On the beach wedding page you will obtain more information on what to consider ensuring that you have the perfect beach wedding in Costa Rica.

Hire a Wedding Planner for a Costa Rica Wedding

Getting married far away from home can be stressful at the best if you choose to do it without a wedding planner. With the professional and friendly service of a Costa Rica Marriage wedding planner you will enjoy the advantage of simply having the fun and excitement of planning a wedding and leaving the stress and organizational matters to a highly skilled wedding planner. Visit the Wedding Planner page to obtain more information on how important a wedding planner is for your dream Costa Rican wedding.

Wedding Packages

To make sure your dream wedding in Costa Rica becomes part of your reality a number of packages are available. You also have the option to customize your package to suite your particular requirements and most importantly your budget.

Photography & Video

No wedding will be complete if you do not have the best photographer and video. Take a look what Costa Rica Marriage can offer you.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages

Getting married in Costa Rica affords you with the advantage of having your honeymoon here as well. There are a number of honeymoon packages available that will step away from the formalities and provide you with the package that will suite your specific interests and requirements according to your budget.

Marriage Requirements In Costa Rica

Many people think it is a major issue to get married in a foreign country. In some countries it may be so, but in friendly festive Costa Rica the marriage requirements are fairly simple, especially if you entrust your legal matters in the capable hands of Meléndez and Bonilla to assist you to ensure you meet all the requirements. Let them deal with all the red tape and legal matters while you simply focus on creating the most memorable times of your life.