Wedding Packages

Wedding Package Options That You Have In Costa Rica

The good thing about having your wedding ceremony in Costa Rica is the fact that you will have the advantage of wedding packages that are offered by Costa Rica hotels and resorts. Tourists and visitors who choose to have their weddings in Costa Rica stand to gain from the friendly wedding packages that are offered in this beautiful coastal country.

Almost all hotels and resorts in Costa Rica offer wedding packages. All that you need to do is find a hotel that has a package that you feel will meet all of your needs. You need to compare different resorts and different hotels with help from your wedding planner so that you can settle for a hotel that offers wedding packages that you feel will be most friendly to you.

Affordable packages

Costa Rica wedding packages are one way to cut down on expenses and stay within your original budget. The beauty of these packages is that they offer quality services at affordable prices. There are plenty of Costa Rica wedding planners in the country, but the Meléndez and Bonilla Law Firm offers the most variety and quality for the money spent. With years of experience in the field of Costa Rica weddings, we have the business contacts to get discounts and great prices on anything you could possibly require for your dream tropical wedding package at a terrific price.

There are some terrific wedding packages that can be arranged by using the Meléndez and Bonilla Law Firm as your Costa Rica wedding planner. These can include settings that are romantic, adventurous, breathtaking, and so much more. There are Costa Rica wedding packages that include video and photography, beauty services for the bride and groom, beach wedding packages, elopement packages with lots of privacy, gifts for attendants of the wedding like family and friends, and so much more.

Many extras included

Costa Rica wedding packages can include digital videos and photography. The number of photos and videos that are taken depends on the actual Costa Rica wedding package you choose, but with our law firm as your Costa Rica wedding coordinators you will receive quality pictures and videos at a discount.

Costa Rica wedding packages may also include beauty services for the bride and groom if this option is chosen. The Meléndez and Bonilla Law Firm can provide any beauty services that are desired, from a rose bath before the wedding to spa services and grooming, as well as makeup and hair artists to make you the center of attention at your tropical wedding. We also offer exotic tropical wedding packages that are located on the beach, offering spectacular scenery.

The number of guests allowed in a Costa Rica wedding package is up to the bride and groom, and there are elopement packages for couples who have no guests all the way up to deluxe packages that include hundreds of guests. Our law firm can arrange your tropical wedding with as few or as many guests as you desire. There are also options in the Costa Rica wedding packages for gifts to family and friends, and these can be as simple as thank you cards, or as extravagant as goody bags filled with your choice of items, depending on your budget.

It is important that you compare and distinguish between all the hotels that offer wedding packages. You need to compare the services that you will be getting and the costs that you will incur before you settle for a certain wedding package. This will ensure that you get the best package so that you can have the best wedding experience ever. Taking your time when comparing the packages is the best way to ensure that you get the best.

Our law office can assist in renewing your vows as well. There are special Costa Rica wedding packages available just for this purpose. We also offer packages that include bouquets, guest books, the wedding cake and champagne, garters, spa services, invitations, and many more. We can make your tropical wedding perfect in every detail, with coordination of the many services at very reasonable prices.

Some popular items

Photography and video to help you treasure this special day.
Gift giving - Giving gifts to the parents and guests to show heartfelt appreciation. This will come from a variety of choices like the thank you cards and gift bags for the attendants. Show your attendants how much you care with a special keepsake.
Bridal bouquets – freshly cut flowers will add glamour as the bride marches down the aisle where the groom is attractively waiting.
Guest books for your tropical wedding– this will hold the names and addresses of the guests who have come to celebrate with the couple.
Baskets, ring pillows and money bags – perfect for the tropical flowers to be scattered down the aisle, and your ring will travel safely down the aisle with pillows that will hold the symbols of the union of two souls.
Garters – forget to bring one, this will be available ready made for the couple.
Spa treatments – tired from the wedding activity, then try our spa services that will surely rejuvenate tired and aching muscles.
Bottle of champagne – how wonderful a wedding is if celebrated with your closest people to toast a wish for the couple.
Wedding cake – simple yet elegant, an added attraction that will catch the attention of everyone, not just kids but adults as well.
Invitations – a variety of designs the couple can choose from depending on their personality.
Coordination services – leave all the details of your dream wedding to the planner, we will create a one of a kind tropical wedding ceremony.

We offer couples the best and most innovative tropical wedding services that they can find here in Costa Rica. Many of the services have been developed by our team to give quality service to our clients. Need a last-minute wedding package? Just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.